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You may be lucky enough to see the Unicorn, it may be hiding behind the Gorse by the Stone Water Trough at Wootton.

Maybe Willow was right... it may go to Setley Pond for a drink!

It could even be visiting the Trolls that live under Wootton Bridge.

Perhaps the Unicorn did visit Hincheslea, and saw the Hot Air Balloon?

And on a walk at Wilverley Plain or Longslade, you may be lucky enough to see the New Forestponies grazing or playing: Drummer, Merlin, Peewee, Riley, Willow and Juliet.

If you go to the Deer Sanctuary at Bolderwood or to Pipers Wait you may even see The Monarch.

But on a dark clear night if you look up, the Unicorn may appear among the stars in the skyover The New Forest.

Drummer, Merlin, Peewee, Riley, Juliet and Willow will keep looking, will you join them?

The New Forest Ponies all roam free and wild within The New Forest, if you visit, please remember to look andto admire them, but never ever touch or feed them.

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Let's meet some of the characters...


Black and white cob/new forest cross colt. Pink nose and very chunky and cheeky. Always happy and smiling. 


Dark Bay filly with 4 white socks. She is heavily built and very clumsy and keeps stumbling. She will take every opportunity to have a rest. 


He is a well-bred bright bay new forest colt. He is very handsome and brave. He likes to be the leader but also looks after the others. 


Full new forest filly. Chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail and a white blaze. Very dainty and pretty. Loves skipping and playing chase. 



Tricolour colt with a brown face. He is a kind pony who wants everyone to be happy and friendly. He is always sensible. 


He is also a bright bay new forest colt and is very strong and handsome. He likes to think that he is the bravest, but he is very scared of most things and would rather follow Drummer. 


She is the leader of the herd. She was born on the forest many years ago and has always lived wild and free. All the foals are a little bit scared of her and the other ponies follow as she is very wise and knows everything about life on the Forest. 


The oldest and wisest of all New Forest Ponies. He knows everything. 

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