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You may be lucky enough to see the Unicorn, it may be hiding behind the Gorse by the StoneWater Trough at Wootton.


Maybe Willow was right... it may go to Setley Pond for a drink!


It could even be visiting the Trolls that live under Wootton Bridge.


Perhaps the Unicorn did visit Hincheslea, and saw the Hot Air Balloon?


And on a walk at Wilverley Plain or Longslade, you may be lucky enough to see the New Forestponies grazing or playing: Drummer, Merlin, Peewee, Riley, Willow and Juliet.


If you go to the Deer Sanctuary at Bolderwood or to Pipers Wait you may even see The Monarch.


But on a dark clear night if you look up, the Unicorn may appear among the stars in the sky over The New Forest.


Drummer, Merlin, Peewee, Riley, Juliet and Willow will keep looking, will you join them?


The NewForest Ponies all roam free and wild within The New Forest, if you visit, please remember to look andto admire them, but never ever touch or feed them.



Title: Have You Seen the New Forest Unicorn?

Author: Carole Smith

Genre: Children's Fiction

Publication date: 5th July


Availability: Paperback

Price: £9.99 PB

Have You Seen the New Forest Unicorn?

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